Founded in 2003 by Mike Nicklaus, the youngest son of golf legend Jack Nicklaus, Golden Bear Realty is built upon the principles of integrity and excellence, the same principles that have been a guiding compass throughout Mike Nicklaus’ life.

Core Values

Golden Bear Realty is a Nicklaus family-owned company. The values taught to Mike Nicklaus during his formative years are those on which Golden Bear realty is founded: Charity, Commitment, Hard work, Integrity, and Excellence. These values transcend every aspect of the company, from the agents and staff to the dealings with clients and communities.

History of the Golden Bear

There is no more cherished name in the sport of golf than Jack Nicklaus, and there is no brand recognized and respected more in the business of golf than Golden Bear. The genesis of the Golden Bear can be traced to late 1961 when Australian writer was asked what he thought of the sturdily built, powerful American star-in-the-making by the name of Jack Nicklaus, His response: “He looks like a big, cuddly golden bear.” Soon after, one of the most revered brands and icons was born, and it remains today a symbol of greatness that transcends the golf world and has earned its rightful place in the business world.

Just like the man for whom the icon is attached, the Golden Bear is associated with excellence, integrity and stands for the highest measure of quality. Whether the brand is attached to apparel, golf clubs or golf course design, the consumer knows that the Golden Bear represents the best. It is only right that a family man who has created a legacy in tournament golf and a legacy in golf course design with 289 creations around the world, lend his brand to an independent real estate firm founded and led by his son, Michael Nicklaus. Golf and real estate have been, at times, synonymous and interchangeable, and the individuals who make up Golden Bear Realty bring years of experience in both arenas. Yet their knowledge and experience carry over into other real estate markets, catering to the needs of all buyers and sellers. The only constant is what Golden Bear represents and the philosophy that drives Golden Bear Realty: Excellence and Integrity.

As the youngest son of golf legend Jack Nicklaus, Mike Nicklaus was raised with a sense of determination and a winning attitude that have propelled him to great lengths.

Mike earned a scholarship to play on the golf team at Georgia Tech. After earning a degree in civil engineering, he immediately entered the professional circuit and participated in a number of mini-tours including the Golden Bear Tour and South Florida Tour.

While golf was in his blood, Mike found himself driven to pursue new challenges. Today his playing field is in the business sector where he operates Golden Bear Realty. Paying homage to his father, Mike has created a thriving real estate business designed to meet the constantly changing challenges of the luxury home market.

Throughout his life, Mike was excepted to live to a higher standard, Those are the same expectations held at Golden Bear Realty – consistently striving to maintain the highest levels of service, professionalism, integrity and excellence. Everywhere you look, this is one company in constant pursuit of excellence. From the quality and experience of the agents to the continual commitment to training, Mike has built an ambitious company worthy of his father’s rich legacy. “I know how much more you can do when you’re trying to help people,” Mike says. A dedicated family man, he enjoys spending time with his wife Traci and their five children.

The Lifestyles Division

The Lifestyles Division of Golden Bear Realty delivers an integrated sales and marketing solution specifically designed for destination lifestyle communities. Led by Mike Nicklaus, the Golden Bear Realty team develops successful sales programs for new and established communities throughout the world.

Golden Bear Realty International

Nicklaus Partners
nicklaus partners
Golden Bear Realty Gives Back.

Golden Bear Realty Gives Back.

Golden Bear Realty is pleased to partner with Nicklaus Children’s Hospital and support this Nicklaus family legacy that will have an enduring impact on children for generations to come.


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